Eye-catching, unique and with a lady party dresses gloss, they’re the ultimate accessory for the celebrity mummy-about-town.


No, not a limited-edition Rolex watch or the latest Chanel bag — the new must‑have arm candy is a designer daughter.


From the front rows of fashion week to ski slopes, designer shops and even red carpets, no star, it seems, goes anywhere any more without toting their small child along.


Like mummy, this child must be dressed the part. But forget a nice frock from Marks & Spencer — famous mothers are splashing thousands of pounds on their little princesses’ outfits; sometimes more than they spend on their own.


Beyoncé made sure her five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, was the style star of the Grammy awards last month in a £2,400 pink Gucci suit — shrewdly picked out by her spotlight-loving mum.


Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper, also five, was a chip off the old block at her mum’s catwalk show in New York last week, where she carried a £1,200 handbag and strutted around in £240 Gucci boots, before jetting off to go skiing in a £420 Stella McCartney outfit.


Of course, celebrities have been using their children to court the spotlight for years — but the latest brood of mini-me girls takes the trend to new heights, in part because of the intense competition to gain attention online and place pictures on celebrity gossip websites.


Fans have seen their favourite stars in shocking, stunning or eye-catching clothes so often that they no longer cause a stir.


But a sweet mini-me can be relied on to attract attention and speculation — as well as praise for being such a wonderful mother, of course.


‘These children run the risk of being objectified as Strappy Open Back La Femme 22236 Long Black Halter Neck Prom Dresses Cheap models or dolls by their parents,’ says leading psychologist Dr Paula Bruce. ‘They become extensions of their mothers, functioning as mirrors in which they see their own desires, insecurities and needs.’


Strappy Open Back La Femme 22236 Long Black Halter Neck Prom Dresses Cheap


So just who are the little darlings whose A-list mothers are dressing them up like dolls?


Supreme diva Beyoncé can turn even a basketball game into a catwalk for her daughter. The fashionable tot drew astonished glances at an NBA All Stars event last weekend in a £1,400 lime-green ruffled Gucci dress.


Not to be outdone, Beyoncé wore a Gucci kimono — worth £17,600 — and the pair carried matching fans (£200 for mum’s, £100 for Blue Ivy’s). Dad Jay-Z, meanwhile, stuck to jeans and a hoodie.


A few days earlier, Blue Ivy’s £2,400 Gucci suit had been the talk of the Grammys. And at last year’s Video Music Awards, she walked the red carpet in a £8,800 tulle and sequin ballgown (pictured), by Australian designer Mischka Aoki, worn £360 pink trainers.


It’s an obscene amount to spend on a child, but then Blue Ivy’s parents, together worth £212.8 million, bought her a £340,000 rocking horse and as a baby she slept in a £30,000 crib.


For all her do-gooding humanitarian work and apparent eschewing of the spotlight, Angelina succumbs to the same temptation as other celebrity mums: dressing her youngest daughter, eight-year-old Vivienne, up to the nines when they’re seen together.


Indeed, some of Vivienne’s looks cost more than her mother’s, whose virtuous image is better served by threadbare pashminas and old flip-flops. At Los Angeles airport recently, Vivienne wore a £60 Stella McCartney dress and £35 Moschino leggings, while she sported a £125 Burberry dress and £250 bespoke jacket on a London aquarium trip.


Another airport arrival called for a £120 gold lamé blazer from Pale Cloud, with a £60 blouse. Angelina, in all-black, supposedly tried to pass under the radar — but dressing your child up like a disco ball is a giveaway.


So coveted are Vivienne’s clothes that she has a website devoted to them, so others can dress their little darlings the same way.


Her attention-grabbing looks serve their Faviana dresses . In 2012, aged five, she got a role with mum in the fairy-tale film Maleficent and was reportedly paid £2,400 a week.


Celebrity offspring: North West, three


Reality star Kim Kardashian is the queen of mini-me wear. Her daughter North donned a silver sequinned dress by luxury label Vetements, to attend a concert by dad Kanye.