North’s wardrobe is conspicuously grown-up, including a £2,811 fur coat, a £125 Armani hot sale lady party dresses and a £150 skimpy beige velvet gown.


She even carries a miniature version of the Louis Vuitton ‘Speedy’ bag, which costs £800.


But the most expensive item in her wardrobe is the smallest: £40,000 diamond stud earrings made by A-list jeweller Lorraine Schwartz.


With a mum as preened as singer J-Lo, no wonder nine-year-old Emme Anthony is something of a fashionista.


As a baby, she and twin brother Max played with diamond-encrusted rattles, and mum employs £313,000-a-month bodyguards to ensure their safety.


Emme wears designer clothes every day — and never the same thing twice. When donating some of her twins’ wardrobe to a charity auction in 2008, J-Lo told organisers she ‘never lets them repeat outfits’.


Emme owns a £320 pink-handled Gucci bag, as well as £185 shoes and a £200 blue dress by the designer label — for which she and her brother have done some modelling.


Parenting expert Dr Newman says it’s likely some of Emme’s clothes come for free, as that adorable grin must do wonders for publicity. ‘One has to wonder if the companies are paying celebrities to have their kids wear the clothes,’ she adds. But perhaps Emme’s most gobsmacking outfit was worn to a Chanel fashion show. She topped off a pretty pink tulle dress and white cashmere cardigan with a £1,700 butterfly handbag and £250 bejewelled brooch — all by Chanel, of course.


Emme’s mum, meanwhile, was no wallflower in a low-cut lace dress and six-inch stilettos, just to ensure the cameras didn’t miss her entirely.


As they say: like mother, like daughter.


Celebrity offspring: Sophia Rutland, three this month 


Toddler Sophia — daughter of motoring heiress Tamara and her husband Jay — has a more decadent lifestyle than most A-listers. A £70 million family home, jetting around the world on private planes, £70,000 birthday parties featuring ponies and balloon castles . . . this little girl has everything.


Tamara lavishes Sophia with £4,000 Tom Ford leather Strapless Ruched Cutout La Femme 21948 Open Back Long Prom Gowns Cheap (one in black and another in baby pink) and dresses by every designer under the sun.


Strapless Ruched Cutout La Femme 21948 Open Back Long Prom Gowns Cheap


At a recent ballet class, the tot wore a £51 tutu and was later seen skipping down the street in £170 Moschino boots and a £62 dress by Kenzo.


Sophia also boasts Moschino leggings (£35), a Marc Jacobs dress (£83) and a pair of teeny-tiny Dr Martens worth £50. She and mum have identical fur gilets and matching £265 paisley outfits from Australian designer Zimmerman.


With a fashion designer mum and a footballer-turned-underwear model for a dad, Harper has big boots to fill (designer, of course).


Add to that her status as the youngest of four children — and the only girl — and . . . well, you can see how she might be a little over-indulged.


As a baby, she was never spotted in the same outfit twice. On a family day out to mum’s fashion show in New York last week, little Harper carried a £1,200 bag by French leather brand Goyard and her maroon cashmere coat was Burberry (£695).


Just a few days earlier, she wore a £680 monogrammed — HSB — Burberry cape.


Dad David, who has described his little daughter’s wardrobe as ‘ridiculous’, was left to carry her £425 heart-embossed Burberry rucksack.


Though we haven’t yet seen her donning mum’s designs (to date, only adult sizes are available), Victoria is more than happy to dress her daughter in friends’ labels, particularly that of her close pal Stella McCartney.


Harper wore a £420 Mon Cheri dresses Stella ski suit on the slopes during the family’s Canadian holiday this week, and was also pictured in a £367 all-white ensemble to match her mum’s, which Victoria proudly uploaded to Instagram alongside the caption ‘Mummy and me’.