During the incident, the customer who was buying the beer, dressed in a blue jacket and grey t-shirt, is seen standing by in shock at what is happening before him.


The customer who walked in during the robbery then approaches the shop worker after the robbers and left, and appears to be checking his welfare.


A local customer, who asked not to be named, said: 'The customers in the store were obviously in shock whilst the incident was taking place - it happened so fast, and there's not much they could have really done to help, especially in the face of a gun-toting robber.'


He added: 'Two men pulled up by bike in the early evening with their faces obscured by motorbike helmets. 


'They entered, one stood in front of the counter shouting instructions initially and then proceeded to go behind the counter and accost the employee working. 


'The other robber stood guard near the door. A gun was produced by the robber that physically went behind the counter and grabbed the money in the till.


'One of the robbers pistol whipped the employee behind the counter and forcibly removed the money in the till.'


The local added support had poured in from the community for the shop worker.


He added: 'There have been messages of support, numerous people stopping in to ask about him to see if he is okay, and some even giving gifts.


'If there's one positive that has come from the incident is that it has shown the local community of Rainham to be genuinely caring to one of their own. 


'To my mind, the community deserves recognition for that, the locals are good people.' 


It is understood the Metropolitan Police has launched an investigation.